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  • Opticians Association of Washington

Factoria Eye Clinic is Seeking an Experienced Licensed Dispensing Optician

Factoria Eye Clinic is searching for experienced optician 2-4 days per week

Our office is only open Mon-Thur, 8:45am-5:30pm

Starting pay $20-$29 per hour depending on experience

Benefits available if working 4 days per week such as:

  • Medical insurance

  • IRA,

  • Vision benefit

  • Paid major holidays

  • Paid vacation

  • Sick leave

Being an optician in our office entails:

  • Working with Crystal Practice Management EHR (training available)

  • Working with Shamir lenses (willing to consider others…but lots of patients currently in Shamir products)

  • Independent frame lines—opportunity to help with buying and input on what lines to carry

  • Working with only one vision care plan…VSP. (along with medical insurances when they have hardware benefits)

Your duties would be:

  1. Assist patients with selecting eyewear, measurements and submit the orders

  2. Dispense eyewear including repairs and adjustments

  3. Teach contact lens application and removal

Opportunity to learn to work with (but not a deal breaker if you are not interested):

  • Scleral lenses

  • Orthokeratology

We are a fun loving group. We have quarterly outings where we close the office and go do fun things such as escape room, donut boats on Lake Union, facials etc.

I would love to tell you more! Please contact Dr. Kaufman at