Promoting the professional stature of opticianry through educational opportunities, legislative activity, and national communications.


Washington State Opticians – Highly Educated

Here at the Opticians Association of Washington, we support opticians in all phases of their careers – from opticianry students to apprentices, Licensed Dispensing Opticians, and industry partners.

The requirements to become a Licensing Dispensing Optician include formal education. As a matter of fact, Washington State Opticians are some of the most educated in the nation! Our school programs here are excellent, employing the National Federation of Opticianry School curriculum, and compliant with the Committee on Opticianry Accreditation (COA) standards. We have information about two programs here on the website.

Continuing Education Requirements

Our commitment to professional education doesn’t end with licensure. The OAW hosts a number of teaching events every year to help licensed professionals meet their Continuing Education requirements. Opticians in Washington must obtain 30 CE hours every three years to maintain their license. These CE credits should ideally help practitioners stay abreast of current issues in ophthalmic dispensing and consumer eyecare. They may also assist with practical business management issues.

At the OAW, we seek out the finest speakers available in order to bring the best possible CE hours to our events for our members and other practitioners attending.

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