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Let’s Talk About Blue Light

Keeping Your Clients Informed About the Risks If you took a poll asking if your clients were aware that they need sunglasses to shield their eyes from harmful UV light, chances are most of them would agree. But what about blue light? Do your clients know the potential...

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It’s All About First Impressions

How to Attract Millenials Millennials are considered one of the most diverse, fascinating, and perhaps most widely studied generations of all time, and make up over one-third of the total U.S. population, with a whopping 75 million reported in 2015. Couple that with...

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Overexposure – Bringing Blue Light Awareness to Clients

With the sudden surge of technology in recent years, blue light has become a topic of discussion, especially concerning overexposure and the possibility of the associated harmful effects. And with 93% of teens with access to a computer and 70% of their counterparts...

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Get the Most Out of Attending Your Next Tradeshow

Going to tradeshows is an important part of business and professional development for most industries, but especially for eye care professionals. Tradeshows and conferences offer continuing education, information on new technology and procedures, and more product...

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