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Let’s Talk About Blue Light

Keeping Your Clients Informed About the Risks

If you took a poll asking if your clients were aware that they need sunglasses to shield their eyes from harmful UV light, chances are most of them would agree. But what about blue light? Do your clients know the potential risks associated with viewing blue light-emitting screens and digital devices, or that the highest levels of intense blue light come from the sun itself?

Thanks to significant advancements in lens treatment technology, keeping your clients’ eyes protected from blue light is simple and easy. And you can guarantee your clients won’t have to sacrifice fashion for functionality anytime soon. Here are some ways to evaluate a client’s risks and help them pick the best lenses for their lifestyle:

Start with a History
Exposure to direct sunlight harms your retinas and can lead to macular degeneration. If your client has a family history of age-related macular degeneration or other eye conditions, it is important for you to discuss these factors when advising them on eyewear. Suggest photochromic lenses that provide superior UV protection with great fade-back technology, so your client will always have optimal visual acuity.

Bring Up Sleep
Does your client feel tired after a full night’s sleep or have trouble falling asleep? Blue light from bright computer screens or digital devices actually trick your body into staying alert. Any use of electronics late at night will not only hurt their overall sleep, but keep their bodies from naturally following a natural sleep cycle. Talk with your client about powering down devices a few hours before bed and tell your client about the benefits of tinted lenses, which work to reduce blue light exposure in low-light situations.

Assess Their 9-to-5
Does your client spend all day staring at a screen? Even someone who spends only a few hours on a computer or digital device can be at risk for digital eyestrain and eye fatigue. Give your client options to help ease symptoms, like blue light-blocking lenses and anti-reflective lens treatments, which can help guard against distracting glares, in addition to protecting lenses from scratches and smudges.

Talk About Free Time
The sun emits over 100 times the intensity of electronic devices and screens, so it’s vital to talk to your client about sun exposure. Polarized sunwear is designed to block harmful horizontal sun rays while letting beneficial vertical light pass through to the eyes. Your fishing and boating clients will find these sunglasses most helpful since the tinted lenses work to minimize glare from the sun and water.

Wrap It Up
The best way to figure out your client’s personal preferences in eyewear is to spend a few minutes covering the abovementioned topics. Pinpointing your client’s hobbies, occupation, and lifestyle is a great way to make sure the frames you choose for them are optimized to fit their personality and everyday activities.