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It’s All About First Impressions

How to Attract Millenials

Millennials are considered one of the most diverse, fascinating, and perhaps most widely studied generations of all time, and make up over one-third of the total U.S. population, with a whopping 75 million reported in 2015. Couple that with the new glasses-are-a-fashion-accessory trend and there exists a pretty large demographic just dying to get their hands on the latest styles in designer eyewear. So, how do you attract Millennials? It’s all about making an irresistible first impression.

Go Digital
Millennials want information delivered digitally. Chances are they’re not picking up a newspaper and sifting through the classifieds or searching for a number in the latest print edition of a phone book. You must go digital to attract the attention of Gen Y. Mobile-friendly websites, social media platforms, and digital ads are your friends and all of these are going to boost your credibility as an optician. If a patient compliments your practice, let them know you’re on social media and would appreciate a review. People are 71% more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals!

Individuality is In
Millennials like to be unique and trendy while still sporting a style that matches their personality and lifestyle. Begin with a fashion focus that caters to this preference, choosing frames that are both stylish and complementing of their face shape and skin tone. Thanks to eyewear marketing campaigns, your Millennials probably already recognize brands that would fit into their style, so bring out selections that stick to these guidelines to make sure their frames are as unique as they are!

Focus on Functionality
Instead of talking about distant dangers like the harms of UV light as we age, point out that designer sunwear can offer stylish photochromic or polarized options, in addition to being 100% UV-protected. In addition, high-definition digital lenses are the perfect answer to Millennial lifestyles thanks to their customizability for depth of focus and their adaptability to almost every frame shape and prescription.

Blue Light Buzz
With this group’s affinity for digital media consumption and trending information, they probably already know about the dangers of blue light. Talk about anti-reflective and anti-glare lens treatments as a great option for cutting out the blue light emitted from computer screens and digital devices. These treatments also help reduce eyestrain and fatigue, and protect against reflections, scratches, and smudges.

It’s important to understand not only what each Millennial’s unique needs are, but also what they want, how eyewear fits into their personal style, and how their personality affects their purchases. Once these questions are answered, you will have a better understanding of your client and will be able to pick their perfect pair of eyewear.